Oregon Health Insurance Reform with Dr. Judith Richmond

Dr. Judith Richmond is a Breast Surgeon and pioneer in women's health. In this show Dr. Richmond reveals what doctors and patients go through to get Insurance Reimbursement for life saving treatments. Now, Dr. Judith Richmond is working on Insurance Reform for the...

Know Your Financial Legal Rights

The attorneys at Kuni Donaldson LLP, Jon Kuni and Laura Donaldson give us a huge dose of reality in this no-nonsense, content rich interview so that consumers can learn their legal rights, know there are different options for debt relief, and there are protections in place for breathing room while recuperating from debilitating debt.

Diane Dennis Medical Intuitive Coaching
Diane has a medical degree, having worked for years as an R.N. in a variety of healthcare settings including Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Cardiology and Home Health. She is a certified Life Transition Coach, has a certification in Training and Development, and is a certified T.E.D., coach. She offers support, insights and comfort through her Medical Intuitive Coaching practice. For years Diane was a regular guest on ABC affiliate’s AM Northwest as a life transition coach.

Diane is the author of ‘The Hourglass: How to Live as Time Flies By’, and is writing a book called the ‘Healing Matrix’. Diane was a featured woman of vision, inspiration and reinvention in the epic book ‘It Ain’t Over Til……, by Marlo Thomas.

Diane has studied under Caroline Myss and aligns with Caroline’s philosophy of health, healing, and the connection between mind and body. Diane also aligns with the beliefs and teachings of Candace Pert, PhD., author of ‘The Molecules of Emotion’.