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Be The Butterfly

Instead of becoming angry about what we read, look at it from another viewpoint. One of compassion, love, detachment, and forgiveness. Meditating, reading affirmations, projecting love and protection for others around the world and right here in our community, causes the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

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History of Medicine

Our modern culture has rendered or bodies more sedentary, yet most of us let our unbridled feelings reign. This is a set up for our bodies to become ‘sitting ducks’ for the barrage of emotional bullets (and raging hormones) pinging through our system.

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Where Anger Takes Root in Your Body

We are seeing more assaults, mass shootings, political in-fighting, and road rages. Why? When humans face unprecedented change, it creates instability. Instability breeds fear. Fear is not an acceptable behavior to express in this American culture, so many react ‘trigger like’ in anger.

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Not Getting What You Want in Life? The Answer is in Your Body

As a medical intuitive coach I am guided to the place and time of the trauma, and where it landed in the body to fester. Then I provide healing protocols. This healing creates freedom from the prison of suffering, freedom from a future where disease ‘mysteriously’ manifests, and freedom to live lighter with joy and hope.

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