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Not Getting What You Want in Life? The Answer is in Your Body

As a medical intuitive coach I am guided to the place and time of the trauma, and where it landed in the body to fester. Then I provide healing protocols. This healing creates freedom from the prison of suffering, freedom from a future where disease ‘mysteriously’ manifests, and freedom to live lighter with joy and hope.

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Know Your Financial Legal Rights

The attorneys at Kuni Donaldson LLP, Jon Kuni and Laura Donaldson give us a huge dose of reality in this no-nonsense, content rich interview so that consumers can learn their legal rights, know there are different options for debt relief, and there are protections in place for breathing room while recuperating from debilitating debt.

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Life is Eternal and Love is Forever-Words of Comfort

The loss of the loved one can cause everlasting grief. To provide comfort Sharon Bauer and Petra Nicoll give insights about the afterlife, helping people understand that death is a transition, and that loved ones not only remain in our hearts, but are also accessible for comfort and communication.

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