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What About those Voices In Your Head?

Sometimes the clearest answer to a problem is a faint whisper. And, therein lies the difficulty. Listening to ones intuition is more an exercise in stillness than a problem to solve. Paul O’Brien, visionary entrepreneur, founder of, radio host of Pathway’s on KBOO, and author of ‘Great Decisions, Perfect Timing-Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence’ sat down with me to teach strategies for listening to that quiet inner voice, how to use intuition as a skill for making decisions, and learning how to develop visionary decision making skills. On this episode of Inspired Conversations Paul draws a clear line in the...

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Ovarian Cancer—Trust Your Gut

22,000 women are diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in the US every year. Unfortunately, there is not a diagnostic tool for this disease, and the symptoms are vague, so that most of these cancers are diagnosed in the late stages, making recovery slim. This cancer does not discriminate. Women as young as 17 have been diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. Diane O’Conner is a 15 year survivor of Ovarian cancer after diagnosed in late stages of the disease. She is now an advocate and a strong voice for this disease. After serving on several boards and starting her own local nonprofit...

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In Over Your Head in Debt? Protect your Assets

Don’t have enough money to pay bills? Don’t know where to turn? Many of us are ashamed, and try to hide the fact that our income and living expenses don’t match up. So, we work on a cover-up plan. ‘I will just put this on a credit card, for now’. Sound familiar? This strategy keeps our secret at bay, for a while. But all too often, credit card debt becomes the snowball that buries us up to our neck in debt. Doesn’t it seem as though every time we think we have a few extra dollars, something happens, like...

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Marriage and Money – Protecting your Assets and Your Marriage

Studies show that the leading cause of stress in a marriage is money. Money is also one of the top ten reasons cited for divorce. Money is not often top of mind with couples when a budding romance is hot. Obviously the topic should be discussed and explored before marriage to avoid a money/marriage melt down. But how and what should a couple discuss on this topic to avoid escalation and division?

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“Beliefs are not sacred. We inherit core beliefs from our parents and church early on. You have the power to experiment with new ‘Visionary Beliefs’ ”, Paul O’Brien   Have you noticed that when you present someone with facts that contradict their beliefs, they hold even tighter to their ideals, even in the face of conflicting data? What is that about? Petra Nicoll, author of ‘Petra’s Ashes’ and creator of the Seven Insights workshop discovered that until she changed her original paradigm and did her personal work from the inside-out, she was unable to make emotional and spiritual shifts....

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